Chris Sorley Said:  "I-Spy Photo Booth  stole the show at our 

party.  There were so many people in line to get their pictures

taken.  You couldn't even get close to the booth!  It was

definitely the hit of the party!"


Jan Evans said:  "This is a must for anone who wants their 

party to be a success.  We were hesitant to use the "costume

box" for fear no one would want to put on orange wigs, feather

boas and extra large glasses, but by the end of the night each

person had their picture taken at least three times with a

different look!"


Ed Nunzir said:  "We wouldn't organize a party without I-Spy

photo booth there now.  We hired a 5 person band to play and 

no one danced...they were all putting on wigs and hats to get in

the photo booth.  What a great time!"


Amy & Jeff said:  "The scrapbook is hilarious!  Our guests wrote

well wishes and inside jokes.   It is a great keepsake.  We highly

recommend I-Spy Photo Booth.  Our guests are still raving about

the fun they had."


Kylie & Jonathon said:  "First, we would like to say that we 

love, love, love the book you helped our guests make at the 

reception!  Second, everyone absolutely loved it!  Loved it!

It was so fun!  So, thank you so much!"


Diane Detesco said: "I was so impressed with how every-

thing was handled with our shower.  Our guests had a blast, 

and you made everyone feel welcome.  I loved the pictures and 

the booth added so much to the day.  Thank you!"


Dawn Srbinovich said:  "I Spy Photo Booth was the best surprise

gift I could have given my Daughter for her wedding.  Everyone

had a blast and memories will last forever!  Highly recommended

for all weddings & parties.  Love Love Love I-Spy!!"


Annie Camuso said:  "Your company offers an absolute wonderful

service!  I couldn't imagine my wedding reception without you

guys!!  I am still cracking up when I look through my awesome

memory book!  Sue and the others I met are just wonderul!!

Thank you!!"


Abi Miller said:  "Dear I Spy Photo Booth, Thank you so much

for making our wedding such a special occasion for our guests!

I cannot tell you how many compliments we got on the photo booth!  Thank you again!  We will be sure to share your name with friends!"


Traci Savina said:  "Hi Sue, it's 4 in the morning and we are just getting home, but I wanted to text you.  Thank you so much for everything!!  It was a huge hit!!  We loved it!  Take care."


Nathan & Alissa Grimes said:  "I Spy Photo Booth,  we cannot thank you guys enough for bringing the photo booth to our reception! Everyone loved it and had so much fun doing it.  I loved the book and looking at all the pictures!!  You guys helped and gave us our dream wedding and we can't thank you enough for that!"

















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